UoK Master Admissions 2015 Schedule

As per to the announcement of University of Karachi, the enrolment in the MA and Diploma programs will be begin for the academic session 2015-2016 from today. Currently they applicants can attain their enrolment forms from today 15 June 2015 to 3rd of July 2015. The admission office timing commence from 9:30 am to 05:00 and throughout Ramadan the timing is going to be from 08:30am to 02:00pm. The applicants as well can get their enrolment forms from Silver Jubilee Gate branch, University of Karachi, UBL counter of Rs. 1200 and as well the students can present their admission forms at the same place. The entire student kindly note that the detail of the subjects in which enrolment process will be began:

Administrative Sciences  
Agriculture and Agri Business Management  
Applied mathematics  
Applied Physics  
Applied Statistics  
B.Ed in Special Education  
B.Ed in (Teachers Education) Botany  
Commerce (General)  
Commerce (Insurance)  
Economics & Finance  
English Linguistics/Literature  
Environmental Studies  
Health and Physical Education & Sports Sciences  
Human Resource Management (HRM)  
Industrial and Business Mathematics (MIBM)  
International Relations  
Islamic Learning  
MPhram (Pharmaceutics)  
MPharm (Pharmacology)  
MParm (Pharmacognosis)  
Mass Communication  
MBA (banking)  
Petroleum Technology  
Population Sciences  
Political Science  
Public Policy  
Public Administration  
Quran and Sunnah  
Space and Planetary Astrophysics  
Transport Management  
Women Studies  

University of Karachi also offers admission in the one year diploma course in the subjects, which are mentioned as under:

Applied Genetics  
Computer and Information Sciences  
Contemporary Arabic  
Environmental Sciences  
Inclusive Education  
Industrial and Organization Psychology  
Functional Arabic  
Investigative Psychology  
Petroleum Technology  
Quranic Arabic Language  
Sports Administration and Supply Chain Management  

Karachi University also manages admissions in the one year diploma program leading to master degree, which are included as under:

Audio and Speech Pathology  
Economics and Finance  
Human Resource Management  
Public Administration  
Public Policy  
Public Administration and Public Policy Analysis  
Special Education  

University of Karachi MBBS 1st & 2nd Pro Annual Result 2015

The University of Karachi, Examination controller has proclaimed the annual examinations result of MBBS first and second year professional examinations 2015. In accordance to the details of the MBBS first professional examinations result, entirely 771 students participate in the examinations. From this number just 597 were passed and rest 174 was not succeeded while the passing percentage remained at 77.43%. While in the second professional examinations of MBBS entirely 777 students were showed up and 517 were passed from the total number and 260 student was unfortunately did not succeeded to pass in the examinations and the passing percentage is 66.54%.

The first and second professional annual exams result of MBBS is provided on the website www.result.pk along with full detail and for the convenience of the students. The students can log on to the site to follow the detailed result from this page, which are provided here soon after its announcement.

Karachi University MPhil/ PhD Admissions 2015 Schedule

Dr Khalid Iraqi (Dean of Faculty of Management and Administrative Science) of the Karachi University strives hard to kick of the admission process in MPhil and PhD classes in the Business Department. From 8th of June 2015 the admission procedure is supposed to be begun. However because of lack of interest in Commerce Department, the admission procedure for MPhil and PhD could not be held.

Those concerns, who prefer to get admission in the Business administration department, they can get their enrolment forms from their online source and they can present their admission forms including with payment of Rs. 2500 in the name of University of Karachi.

As well they are required to present the admission forms including with attached documents in University of Karachi until final date of June 15th 2015 in the office of Karachi University Business School. The entire list of the applicants is going to come out on the University website on June 17th, who can take part in the written test. Those who are able to participate in the admission test, they can get their admit cards from the Karachi University Business School on June 18th and 19th.

KU is going to perform the admission test of the participants on 21st of June 2015 at 10:00 am in Karachi University Business School. The applicants are required to get there half an hour earlier than the beginning of the written admission test along with their original identity card and admit card. Those who are going to be announced successful in the written admission test, their list are going to be showed up on June 22nd 2015 on the website.

University of Karachi MA Admissions 2015 Schedule

The admission process has been commenced by the controller of Examinations, University of Karachi and they are currently they are collecting the enrolment forms from the students. Currently Karachi University is collecting the admission forms for MA and double MA private annual examinations for 2014. Right now this KU has extended the final date for the submission of the admission forms until June 12th. Therefore students can present their admission forms and they as well required to deposit they Fee of Rs. 3300 for primary year and final year and they can pay out Fee at the bank counter, Silver Jubilee Gate franchise, Karachi University. Those students who have got registration with the University in 2008 and beyond this gate, they are required to present the additional registration fee of Rs. 5000 including with examinations Fee.

UHS Lahore MCAT Entry Test 2015 Schedule

The MCAT 2015 schedule has been proclaimed by the University of Health and Science Lahore. On 30th of August at 9:00am the University of Science will conduct the test of MCAT for first Year Students of MBBS/BDS in Public and Private Medical and Dental Institute. On the official website of University of Health and Science www.uhs.edu.pk the syllabus of Entrance Test 2015 is previously available. The students have to be ready for the Entrance Test as per to this syllabus from their respective textbooks.

Rules and Regulation for TEST:
(1) In accordance to the Rules of Pakistan Medical & Dental Council, it is obligatory to participate in the Entrance Test of the Punjab for admission to any medical/dental college of the province.
(2) Those who have passed in Intermediate Science (HSSC/F.Sc) (Pre-Medical Group) or Equivalent Examination, holding at-least 60% (660/1100), adjusted marks are not accepted (excluding the marks of Hifz-e-Quran etc.).
(3) Those concerns who has got on hand a foreign qualifications like A-Level or American 12th Grade, need to bring the Equivalence Certificate issued by Inter-Board Committee of Chairmen (IBCC).

MCAT Test Pattern and Marks detail:
The MCAT Test will be including one paper along with 220 multiple-choice questions (MCQs) 4 options including with one best response are divided in to 4 sections, which are called Biology (88 MCQs), English (General for language proficiency) (30 MCQs), Physics (44 MCQs), Chemistry (58 MCQs).

150 minutes is the duration of the Test. The marks for each questions is set 05. The total marks will be 1100. Negative marking is going to be in the test. For every single correct response five marks is going to be given however for the incorrect response one mark is going to be deducted.

The candidates shall submit following documents with their applications:

  1. Verified duplicate of Matriculation/SSC or related examination Certificate.
  2. Verified duplicate of HSSC/FSc (Pre-medical) or related examination Certificate.
  3. As well computerized result cards are acceptable.
  4. Verified duplicate of Birth Certificate issued by the Union Council, if DOB is not given on Matriculation certificate.
  5. Duly filled Admittance Cards (both copies).
  6. Please paste two colored photographs (2.5 cm x 2.5 cm) on the two cards.
  7. One self-addressed A-4 size envelope including with Rs 40/- postage stamps.
  8. Students (3.5 cm x 4.5 cm) 4 latest colored photographs
  9. One photo have to be pasted on the application form and attested on the front and other three, attested on the back, to be attached with the form.
  10. Verified duplicate of domicile certificate of the students.
  11. No other document will be suitable in lieu of domicile certificate.
    None Pakistani candidates will have to present the verified copy of their foreign passport in lieu of domicile. Hafiz-e-Quran shall present a certificate of Hafiz-e-Quran, issued by a registered Madrassa.

Regarding the MCAT Medical college admission test schedule 2015 of UHS Lahore more details and helps are available in www.result.pk.

Kohat Board Matric 10th Class result 2015

Its hereby notified by the Board of Intermediate & Secondary Education Kohat that they are going to publicize the result of 9th and 10th class next week. The annual examinations of the class 9th and 10th were conducted under the BISE Kohat in the months of March and April and currently there are going declare their results. The complete result of the matric class annual examinations can be download from www.result.pk and www.result2015.pk one it will be announced by the board.

Students from all other provinces of KPK can as well look for their results on the same dates on these websites which are mentioned above. And the other are listed as BISE Malakand, BISE Mardan, BISE Swat, BISE Mardan, BISE DI Khan, BISE Bannu and BISE Peshawar.

As well there is another facility provided by the board which is SMS service, with this facility students can get their marks result via SMS, to perform this they have to send their roll number to 9818 and then they will get their marks via SMS reply and the format will be like this:

Roll No. 22129

Name: Rasheed Sahil Khan

Marks : 505


As well the students are facilitated with eDMC result card which can be purchased from all the franchises and sale point in the country for just Rs. 50. However the eDMC card will be available once the result is official announced by the related board of Education.





DI Khan Board Matric 10th Class result 2015

The matric class annual exams 2015 results are going to be issued by the Board of Intermediate & secondary Education DI Khan from 5th of June till 15th of June 2015. These examinations of matric class part one and two annual examinations 2015 were held in the months of March and April. Students from the entire boards of KPK can check out their examinations on www.result2015.pk and www.result.pk.

During the mentioned dates, the other boards of the KPK will also publicize their results of the matric part 1 & 2 annual examinations 2015. You will be able to view matric class results of BISE Bannu, BISE Kohat, BISE Swat, BISE Mardan, BISE Malakand, and BISE Peshawar at the site mentioned above and other sites.

As well the students can get their result via SMS service. They will just required to send their roll number to 9818, then they will get a reply back of their marks result as the following format.

Roll No. 22669

Name: Rasheed Khan

Marks : 574


Another facility for the students is here, they can get their complete result via eDMC result card. This result card can be get from the franchises and sale points from all over the country for just Rs. 50. Soon after the results are announced by the boards they will be allowed to get this eDMC result card.





Bannu Board Matric 10th Class result 2015

The result of the SSC classes annual examinations 2015 are going to be publicized by the Board of Intermediate & Secondary Education Bannu in the upcoming weeks. Between 5th and 15th of June 2015 these result are supposed to be publicized by the board. After the happening of the SSC classes annual examinations in the months of March and April, right now they are wondering to publicize those examination results. all the students can download and check their results on www.result.pk and www.result2015.pk.

The matric part 1 and 2 annual exams 2015 results of the entire boards of KPK will as well announced throughout 5th and 15th June 2015 and the result will be available at above mentioned sites and other sites also. BISE Kohat, BISE Swat, BISE Mardan, BISE DI Khan, BISE Malakand, BISE Peshawar and BISE Mardan are the other educational boards in KPK.

By sending their roll numbers to 9818 via SMS, the concerns of Bannu Board can as well get their results of SSC part 1 & 2 annual examinations. The format of the result is following:

Roll No. 22169

Name: Rasheed Sahil Awan

Marks : 509


eDMC is another facility for the students to get their complete results. the matric part 1 and 2 students can get their eDMC from all the franchises and sale points across the country only aft the results is announced by the board, to get eDMC student have to spend Rs. 50.





Malakand Board Matric 10th Class result 2015

BISE Malakand is going to be declaring the final result of the Matric part 1 and 2 classes annual examinations 2015 starting from June 5th till 15th of June 2015. Throughout the months of March and April 2015 the matric part 1 and tow annual exams 2015 were conducted and right now the mentioned board is expected to declare their results following 2 months. There are 2 websites including www.result.pk and www.result2015.pk where the students of BISE Malakand can easily check their full and final results, however this will be available after the announcement of the result by the Education Board.

the matric class results for the students of all the other boards of KPK including BISE Mardan, BISE DI Khan, BISE Bannu, BISE Peshawar, BISE Swat, BISE Mardan, BISE DI Khan and BISE Kohat will provided by the above mentioned websites. All boards of KPK 9th and 10th class annual exams 2015 results will be declared on the same day.

Malakand Board is as well providing facility of SMS service to the matric part 1 and 2 students to follow their results, to get the results they just need to send their roll number to 9818 and then will be get a reply massage containing their result as below.

Roll No. 12129

Name: Rashid Sahil Khan

Marks : 565


Apart from the total marks which the students gets through the SMS service, the SSC part 1 & 2 students of Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Malakand can as well managed get their complete result of all the subjects which is known as eDMC. You can get eDMC soon after the result announcement of matric class by Malakand Board. The 9th and 10th class students can obtain the eDMC of their results through any franchise or sale point in Pakistan by depositing only Rs. 50.





Mardan Board Matric 10th Class result 2015

In accordance to the notification Board of Intermediate & Secondary Education Mardan will proclaim the result of annual examinations 2015 of SSC classes from 5th June and 15th June 2015. Following 2 months Mardan Board will proclaim the annual examinations 2015 result though matric class annual papers 2015 were conducted throughout the months of March and April. www.result2015.pk and www.result.pk are the only online sources that students can check their matric class annual examinations 2015 result, however the results will be publicized soon after the result is proclaimed by the department.

The KPK province’s other boards students can also check and download their 9th and 10th class results during the same dates. These boards include Abbottabad Board, Bannu Board, Peshawar Board, Swat Board, Kohat Board, Malakand Board and DI Khan Board.

The SSC class students of Mardan Board can as well get their result by SMS service. They will get their total marks by sending their roll number through SMS at 9818. They will get their result in this form:

Roll No. 12120Name: Rashid Sohail Khan

Marks : 555


After the announcement of the matric class results by the Mardan Board, students can get their eDMC card. From any sale point or franchise in the country students can get their eDMC by paying out just Rs. 50.